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Pablo Picasso (After)

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Spanish 1881-1973
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    " Maya En Tablier (Maya In A Pinafore)"

    lithograph printed in colors,, 1938, signed in pencil about a stone signature, , a proof aside from the edition of 200, As printed by Mourlot, Paris.

  • Condition:In good overall condition with mild toning, the full sheet.
  • Size:
  • Sheet: 34 1/4 in x 24 in (87 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Plate: 28 3/4 in x 21 in (73.03 cm x 53.34 cm)
  • References: As discussed in Mourlot, Fernand. "Gravés dans Ma Mémoire", Edition Robert Laffont: Paris, 1979. Printing processes of this work is photographed as plate 3 featuring Mourlot's studios in Paris on Rue de Chabrol.Also listed and illustrated in The Online Picasso Project as catalogue raisonné no. OPP.38:007.The original painting is illustrated in Rubin, William, ed. Picasso & Portraiture: Representation and Transformation, Harry Abrams, Inc.: New York, 1996. Original painting illustrated and captioned on pg. 376.
  • Framing: offered unframed
  • Note: This exquisite portrait, of Picasso's first daughter, Maya Picasso, exudes a personal, loving charm in which only a father can relate of his children. A playful, childlike nostalgia is forever evoked with this work, not only capturing Maya at age 3, but also capturing a time in Picasso's life in which he was deeply inspired by his own family. Set against a bright spring green background, Maya is portrayed here wearing a red and white checkered pinafore, with her hair in pigtails on either side. The colours in this work are at the forefront of Picasso's intention here, using incredibly vibrant colour combinations that merely enhance and divulge Maya's own personal character and innocence. Sun yellows, lapis blues, and brilliant reds are a further testament to Picasso's creativity and innovation. The grand scale of this portrait cannot be ignored, helping the colours to explode into our space, allowing Maya's own childlike sentiment to be contagious to all who view and admire her. Based on an original oil work dating to 1938, this work was printed by Fernand Mourlot under the supervision of Pablo Picasso.
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