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Lot No. 121

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Mary Cassatt

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American 1844-1926
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    "Portrait Of Susan"

    drypoint, , signed with the full slightly elaborate pencil signature as frequently seen on early works, ,

  • State: only known state
  • Condition: In very good condition, apparently the full sheet. Annotations in bottom margin in pencil. See photos.
  • Plate: 9 x 7 3/4 in (22.9 x 15.9 cm)
  • References: Recorded and illustrated in the text on the graphics of Ms. Cassatt by A. Breeskin, No. 50.
  • Provenance: Ex-collection Robert Hartshorne (Lugt supplement 2215b, verso); thence by descent and sold Christie's, New York, October 30, 2007, sale 2085, lot 18. A superb impression.
  • Framing: Framed in accordance with accepted conservation standards, acid free mats and mounts, removable hinging.
  • Note: Based on our research, this example may well be the only copy of this image that survives. This conclusion is based on the fact that the impression being offered here is clearly the one illustrated in Breeskin's text on Ms. Cassatt's prints as the signature across the plate line could not be easily duplicated. Further our research with the major repositories of Cassatt material, the museums in Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York did not discover another impression. This is understandable and probably very typical of early works. Ms. Cassatt along with with Degas, her mentor, experimented with "print making" as an aside to painting and not as today, as an important commercial project. Thus it is unlikely that many impressions were made from this plate and we can find none that have survived except this example. The plate seems to have been lost as well.

    Further this image is the only one recorded as having been offered at auction in the last 30 years.

    This work should not be lost and belongs in any comprehensive collection of her work where scholars or serious connoisseurs could study and appreciate her early work.

    For obvious reasons this work would be well received by a museum or other institution generating possible tax benefits for the donor.
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