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John Mbe Lennon

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    "Menage A Trois" From The "Bag 1" Collection

    lithograph in colours on BFK Rives paper with full margins, 1970, signed by the artist in pencil, numbered 39/300, As published and printed by Cinnamon Press Ltd. London.

  • Condition:In good condition with fresh colours. the full sheet.
  • Sheet: 22 5/8 by 30 1/8 in. (57.0 x 76.0 cms)
  • Framing: Sold unframed
  • Note: Note: John Lennon.Lennon and Yoko Ono were married in Gibraltar on 20 March 1969. The original drawings for the Bag One Suite were John Lennon's wedding gift to mercedes Yoko Ono and were finished in 1969 in Toronto, Canada.. The Bag One Suite lithographs consisted of 300 suites each of 14 Lithographs each of which was numbered and signed in pencil by John Lennon.In January 1970 the first exhibition of the 14 Lithographs called “Bag One” depicting scenes from John and Yoko’s wedding and honeymoon was held in Eugene Schuster’s “London Arts Gallery”. It caused a considerable stir and eight of the Lithographs, including this example, were considered indecent and were confiscated by the Police during the exhibition. “Many toilet walls depict works of similar merit,” clucked Detective Inspector Frederick Luff, who’d earned a reputation as a specialist in “celebrity raids and worked for the Obscene Publications Squad, known to many at the time as “The Dirty Squad”. “It is perhaps charitable to suggest that they are the work of a sick mind.” Fortunately for Lennon, the magistrate who presided over the case several months later wasn’t so easily convinced. Asking Luff for evidence that anyone was genuinely offended by the exhibit, John Harmsworth engaged in a bit of humorous back-and-forth with the detective. “I saw no display of annoyance from the younger age group, but one gentleman was clearly annoyed,” admitted Luff, to which Harmsworth asked “Did he stamp his foot?” To which Luff replied, “anger was definitely registered on his face!”The case was ultimately thrown out after Harmsworth determined that the images were unlikely to “deprave or corrupt,” A member of the public wrote to the Director of Public prosecutions stating that many other art collections throughout the country could be consider equally obscene, including works by Fragonard in the Royal Collection. The case was dismissed.The collection finally received a 100-city worldwide tour in 1981, and although things went quite a bit smoother than they had in 1970, organizers ran into trouble in Rhode Island, where the police department closed the show on grounds of obscenity.
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