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To Sell Art

Two Basic Ways to Sell Art :

1. Direct Purchase:
Creighton-Davis is actively seeking to buy fine works of art for our inventory and world wide clientel. Immediate payment and discrete handling of details offers substantial advantages over other methods of disposing of fine works of art. Please contact us with a brief description of the items you may wish to sell and we will advise you how we might be able to help you.

 2. Auction Your Art
For maxium returns, we recommend auctioning with our "Top Dollar" auction model with reasonable prices guaranteed and often prices that exceed your expectations.
Creighton-Davis pioneered auctions of fine art on the internet (since 1995).  We hold frequent auctions of works of art through live internet advertised auctions. If you have works to sell from an estate, collection, bankruptcy or other source, we may be able to help you best by using our widely advertised auctions. There are no fees unless sold. Our only fee is our commission (no listing, research, insurance, photography or "buy in" fees) and we relist as only as needed to sell your work(s) with no additional fees.  
Contact us with information on what you have to sell.  You may be very surprised at how much your art is worth in today's active market.
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