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Marc Chagall

Russian/French 1887-1985
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    "Lot And His Daughters" Plate 9 From The "Etchings For The Bible", Series Of 105 Etchings

    etching with hand coloring, somewhat faded, , c. 1931-1939 , signed with the initials which signifies the hand water-colored editions , from the edition of 100 published on Arches paper (numbered 13/100), a separate edition with large margins aside from the bound edition without coloring or signature, with the plate number verso bottom left, As published by Ambrose Vollard, Paris and printed by Teriade, Paris.

  • Condition:The full sheet, with botton 1 1/4 inch folded to fit matting. The water color additions somewhat faded but still showing faintly. Mat burn and staining on the sheet where previously covered with matting. The full sheet with artificial deckle edges as published.
  • Sheet: 17-1/4x12-1/8 inches (44 x 33 cm)
  • Framing: Framed in accordance with accepted conservation standards, acid free mats and mounts, removable hinging.
  • Note: The somewhat bizarre biblical narrative from the old testament that this plate relates to is fully detailed at this link:

    This series of etchings (1931-1937, 1952-56) were started in the 1930s and completed in the fifties with most plates finished in the thirties. Plate 9 probably is from an early printing.

    Some consider this to be the artist's masterwork.

    Interestingly a law suit was successfully brought against Barron's magazine which alleged, apparently incorrectly, that Chagall did not apply the hand coloring personally.
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