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Lucas Samaras

American/Greek (b.1936)
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    die-cut screenprint mounted to acrylic, two layers one on top of the other with the bottom layer under the acrylic, 1975, incised signature lower right,, incised edition number 15/100, dated '75',

  • Condition:In fine fresh condition.
  • Sheet: 22.75 x 20 inches(57 x 50 cm.)
  • Plate: 16.5 x 14 in. (41.91 x 35.56 cm)
  • Framing: In a welded corner 2 inch deep aluminum shadow box, likely designed by the artist, to provide a 3D shadow effect.
  • Note: The artist is noted for his three dimensional boxes, cutouts and other treatments to achieve special depth effects.

    From the NY Times: "Hilton Kramer's observation of long ago that there lurked at the core of Mr. Samaras's work ''the emotions of a heartless adolescent and the ideas of a brilliant decorative mind'' still holds true, although the heartlessness now looks more like a kind of irresponsibility. This may be what enables him to remain the ''embodiment of imagination,'' as a museum curator recently characterized him. (see ) for more on the artist's work.
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