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Lot No. 193

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Ben Shahn

American 1898-1969
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    (Two Works) From The "Rilke Portfolio" ("To Parents We Hurt") And "You Have Not Converted..."

    lithograph and offset print, 1968, the first with the printed signature in red from the portfolio edition, ,

  • Condition: In very good condition, with toning to the paper.
  • Sheet: 22 by 17 (55 x 43 cm) print, 22 1/2 by 36 in (55 x 90 cm.) sleeve, 40 by 34 (100 x 85 cm.)poster
  • Framing: Sold framed
  • Note: The "Rilke Portfolio" was issued with prints in sleeves with the description for each printed on the inside of each sleeve. This example has the sleeve and the print mounted together. The print has slipped in the framing.
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workcode: bs-1872k-39