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Italian Renaissance Possibly By Botchichelli

Italian era 18th-19h century
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    "Madonna Of The Pandemic Penitent"

    oil on canvas, 18th-19th Century, , ,

  • Condition: This work is remounted on canvas. The original shows signs of having been stored rolled with cracking and splitting when flattened and glued down to the new base canvas. There is a patched hole center. There are other defects and creasing and the occasional small tear. The stretcher strip are genuinely antique if not original. There are remains of a printed paper with antique Gothic text at the edges possibly from a prior wrapping that was never completely removed. See photos for more details. Possibly some trimming at the sides and top as handled over the years with the work probably meant to be a round image.
  • Size: 32 by 28 in. (80 x 70 cm.)
  • Framing: Sold unframed
  • Note: A typical Madonna of the era of Raphael possibly by Botchichelli (not as well known as his famous compatriot Botticelli). The pose seen here, with crossed hands, is not common and speaks to an independent work by a skilled artist. The skillfully painted hands are not often seen in work by inferior artists and copyists.

    Unfortunately the Covid circumstances of the last two years have made it difficult to research this work and our local resources are limited.

    Pandemics were common in Renaissance Europe. Raphael may have been a victim of a corona like virus. An article that appeared recently in "Internal and Emergency Medicine", a journal published by the Italian Society of Internal Medicine, suggested that that Raphael likely died from a pulmonary disease. "Notably, the true cause of Raphael’s death was a pulmonary illness that Riva (an author of the study) described as 'very similar to the corona virus we’ve seen now,' including a continuous fever."
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workcode: rh-1873a-23