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Lot No. 231

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Joan Miro

Spanish 1893-1983
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    "Person And Bird (Galerie Maeght Exhibition,1948)"

    color lithograph on "Marais" watermarked paper (upper left),, 1948, signed by the artist,, from a few signed examples "avante la lettre" on Marais paper and before the editioned print of the same name with special graphic additions,, Printed by Mourlot, Paris. Published by Galerie Maeght, Paris.

  • Condition:In generally good condition with definite toning to the sheet, minor staining from prior matting at the edges, faint foxing verso. The full sheet, mounted to a support sheet. This work is historically important as it was used in the Maeght exhibition in 1948. It shows signs of being handled a lot with some restoration to make it very presentable.
  • Sheet: 25 3/4 by 19 3/4 in. ( 65 x 50 cm.)
  • References: Recorded and illustrated in the standard text on the original lithographs of Miro by Corredor-Matheos, No. 4. (Not listed in Mourlot, but related works are Nos. 67-68.)
  • Provenance: Foundation Maeght, Saint Paul, France, with their label.
  • Framing: Framed in accordance with accepted conservation standards, acid free mats and mounts, removable hinging.
  • Note: This highly anthropomorphic original lithograph was produced in conjunction with Miro's first one-man show at Gallerie Maeght in 1948. The work had lettering added (see related lot) for the general exhibition printing run. Miro produced an editioned lithograph of 75 with some special artwork added to the area of the lettering as a separate project on Rives paper. This example is the artwork for the poster without lettering and before the additional artwork for the edition of 75. Mourlot's catalog does not mention these rare proofs on Maris paper, but Corredor-Matheos mentions "some copies avant la lettre...on Marais paper, signed". This is one of those rare few examples. The original Maeght Gallery label from the 1948 exhibition is found on the support sheet.
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