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Fine Art BARGAIN OR SCAM!!! When it comes to fine art, it appears that there are more of the latter than the former at the various auction sites and other sites on the net. How can you tell what's an interesting and/or important work of art and what's something else if you're not a pro? Our authentication service may be a big help. With 20 years of experience, a staff with advanced degrees in art history, an extensive in-house library and access to the National Gallery in Washington, we can, in most cases, put you on par with the pros and help you avoid many costly ripoffs.

Usually within 24 hours we can give you a detailed report on the work of art offered for sale which may be sufficient to give you the edge in making an on-line purchase decision (and in some cases to get your money back). Here are some examples based on real items we have noticed offered for sale on the net.

Example 1: Item 012 on XXXX site, described as by Joan Miro, titled "XXXX" is a known original lithograph documented and illustrated in Cramer's text on the illustrated books of Miro, No. X and the Mourlot catalog of the original lithographs of Miro, No. X. It was issued in an edition of 100 signed and numbered and a larger edition with the addition of a printed (plate) signature. This sheet measures 11(h) by 22(w) inches and was issued with a center vertical fold in the unsigned version as it was inserted in an issue of Derriere le Miroir.

The recorded measurements of the original work varies substantially from the size reported for the work that you are thinking of bidding on. It is unlikely that two sets of plates (one for each color), to produce two identical prints, in two different sizes were created by the artist. There are no documented overruns or unfolded proofs. It is possible that the work offered is a reproduction of the original lithograph and not the original lithograph itself.

Example 2: Item 012 on XXXX site, described as "serigraph by Salvador Dali", in fact, corresponds to a mixed media etching entitled "XXXXX XXXXXXX" documented in the Field catalog of the authentic graphics of Salvador Dali, No. XX-12; also the Morse catalog of the authentic works of Dali, No. XX; also the Sabatier text No. 1234.

This work was issued in several editions, including an artist signed edition of 150 on Arches paper such as seen on the work you are interested in (justification de tirage). The paper has the appropriate plate mark which you would expect with an etching, the image and colors correspond accurately to the image in the various reference texts (as best we can tell from the internet photos), the paper appears to be consistent with the paper of this edition. The size reported for the sheet corresponds to the size reported in the various texts.

This appears to be the etching with "pochoir" coloring described above in the various texts on the authentic graphics of Dali.

These two examples illustrate the information that we can provide you based on our professional experience. No warranty of any kind is made or implied by these research opinions, but you should be much better informed in making your buying decision with this information.

To obtain one of these reports, fill out the e-mail form below with the specific address of the offer. (Example and specify the item identification number along with a brief description of the work.. There is a one time charge of $25.00 per report. No charge is made unless we can provide useful information within 12 hours of the expiration of the offer, if placed at auction, or within a meaningful mutually agreed upon deadline if sold through another venue. Payment is by credit card or pay pal, so provide us with that information via phone or e-mail. We will respond promptly advising you of the feasibility of providing you with the report requested.

Some works are too obscure or poorly documented to be properly studied through the services offered here, or may require more time to research, and you will be advised without charge if this is the case for a work that you are interested in.

We do not provide an appraisal or valuation with these reports (see appraisal services link at Also our area of expertise, experience and background applies only to fine art works: paintings, prints, sculptures, watercolors, drawings and related works.

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